This week, as part of our Getting-to-Know-You series, we would like you to meet our Director of Admissions, Rina Thaper.

After a 15-year career on the administrative side of the beauty industry, Rina decided to alter her course and transition into a career in healthcare.  While it may seem like a big leap, that’s not necessarily true because there is beauty in taking care of, and caring for, other human beings.

“I wanted to change my career …I have a passion for the elderly and wanted to make them feel wanted and appreciated.”

Rina feels that her role at Adira has given her even more compassion for senior citizens, as well as, a new appreciation for life. She no longer takes the simple things for granted and it’s no wonder, because working in a rehab facility, one is surrounded by individuals who require help with simple day to day tasks. For some, it’s a temporary situation. For others, the requirement of consistent care has become their new reality.  Rina is one of the many people at Adira who work to make that transition as smooth as possible for the patient and the family.

Rina enjoys many aspects of working at Adira but the stand outs are; the diverse population of cultures, the kindness of the staff, the warm atmosphere, and the generosity of the owners. “The owners are kind, loving and caring. They go out of their way to accommodate residents needs, even if it comes out of their own pocket.”

The next time you’re at our facility, be sure to swing by the Admissions office and say hello to Rina.