In this week’s installment of our Getting to Know You Series, we would like you to meet our Director of Rehabilitation, Phillip Rallis.

 Phillip received his B.S. in Occupational Therapy in 2001 from CUNY York College. He went on to work in several different settings, including ten years with V.N.S. Phil came here four years ago, when it was still Michael Malotz, so he’s seen a lot of changes, including the leap to making Adira at Riverside a 5 Star rated facility.

 Getting new equipment and the right supplies is no longer a struggle, thanks to the new ownership and management. He sees firsthand that patient care is the top priority.  “They’ve gone above and beyond what I expected. Eric, our administrator, is much more involved and he has a pulse of the whole facility…They (Malotz) had 2.5 stars and now we (Adira) have 5 stars. They’re always striving to make it better.”

 As the Director of Rehab, Phil assures our facility is properly staffed and supplied so that our patients and residents receive the best care possible. He loves working with the seniors and hearing about their lives and where they come from. “If you take the time to talk to them, there’s so much there. You get a lot of good advice from them too because they’ve been through everything.”

 FUN FACT: After selling his two restaurant businesses in NYC, Phillip was uncertain what his next steps would be. His sister in law, who works as an occupational therapist, suggested he come to the hospital with her to check it out and from that day on, he was hooked.