Thanks to our Director of Activities, Helen O’Brien, we have a rich activities program at Adira. She keeps our residents and patients engaged with a diverse array of options. Perhaps one of the most popular sessions, is when we bring in some volunteers to join the fun.

This week, a group of over twenty high school student volunteers from Yonkers Montessori Academy, came to Adira and engaged with our seniors. 

All of our volunteers are wonderful, and we are lucky to have many,  but the energetic vitality that these bright young people bring into our facility simply cannot be understated. Their smiles, laughter and vibrant spirits, elevated the moods of everyone at Adira, especially our seniors!

The students spilt into two groups and so they could work their magic throughout the facility. While one group played games, that even included a few sports programs, the other bunch decorated a Spring themed bulletin board and they continued the artistic fun with some painting.

Life in a nursing home can be isolating but community based volunteer programs like this one, help our residents remain engaged and connected to the world around them. Big thanks to the students from Yonkers Montessori Academy, we look forward to having you back again!

If you, or your students, would be interested in volunteering at Adira, please contact Helen O’Brien at 914-963-3333.