This week as part of our Getting-to-Know-You series, we would like you to meet our Director of Human Resources, Deshaun Collins. As you may know, Adira at Riverside Rehabilitation  and Sprain Brook Manor Rehab are sister facilities and part of the same company. Deshuan is one of the lucky employees who gets to work with both teams. 
1.       Tell us a bit about your background and where you received your degree? I started working in the nursing home field when I was 22 years old. I got my first Payroll/HR assistant job at East Haven nursing home. I worked at East Haven for 5 years, during my time there I decided I wanted to focus my career in HR, so I enrolled in Monroe College BA program majoring in Business with a minor in HR. After my first semester, my professors convinced me to major in Accounting in which I graduated with my BA in Accounting. Shortly after receiving my BA degree, I accepted an HR assistant position at Providence Rest Nursing home and I stayed there for 3 years before accepting a position at Sprain Brook Manor.
2.       What made you want to work in the Human Resources field? I love helping people, I have a passion for it. I love helping people find positions that suit them and make choices that benefit them and their family
3.       How long have you worked for Sprain and Adira? This year will make 4 years since I’ve been a part of the Sprain/Adira family
4.       What do you like about best about working in the healthcare field? In healthcare, we are here to help people, heal them and rehab them. I fell like it’s a warm environment and family oriented.
5.       It must be interesting working for both facilities. Can you tell us what you enjoy best about your dual role? It’s never a dull moment working at both facilities! What I enjoy most is interacting with the employees at both facilities. I am always greeted with a warm embrace since I am shared between both locations, everyone isn’t able to see me daily so when they do, its always a pleasure
6.       Tell us one Fun Fact about you. I love theme parks, roller coasters, roller skating, bike riding and I’m quite silly…